How it Works

What is TestedSecurity? is an online service which provides small website owners the opportinity to test their websites for common security vulnerabilities. If you would like to know which vulnerabilities we test for, please check out this page.

How does it work?

The TestedSecurity vulnerability scanner software starts by understanding your website. It will crawl your site, much like search engines do, to understand your various pages and their workings. With this information the scanner can input certain data that will trigger a response from the server. The response enabled the scanner the ability to determine wheather a particular page is vulnerable to the tested vulnerability. The results are then reported to you on the results page. Because the scanner has to discover and understand each of your pages, this can be time consuming on larger websites. We ask that you only use the service for smaller websites, which we concider to be 200 pages or less.

TestedSecurity vs Manual Test

Manual vulnerability tests will no doubt come up with more information than we provide, however, this comes at a hefty price. Penetration testers can charge thousands of dollars, and that is completely out of the question for most website ownders. Apart from the costs, most of the extras that these manual tests will bring are not nearly as important as the vulnerabilities we test for. We try to test for the most common vulnerabilities. If you are going to get hacked, it will likely be the result of being vulnerable to one of these.